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Radiotomographic Facility
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Radiotomography PGI
Function: recording to electronic memory of satellite radio signals at the frequencies of 150 MHz and 400 MHz at the receiving points along the meridian Spitsbergen archipelago Kola Peninsula Moscow Rostov Voronezh region Sochi. Sampling frequency is 50 Hz. The receivers detect radio signals in the VHF-UHF range transmitted from Russian navigation satellites. When passing through the ionosphere, the signals undergo transformations, which depend on the ionospheric structure. Simultaneous registration of satellite signals by all receivers of the array provide their phase and amplitude in the points of ray crossing and reconstruct of the electron density distributions in the vertical plane above the array by means of tomographic inversion.
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Data catalog
List of available satellite crosses and quicklooks of received signals
Scientific adviser of the project: Prof. Evgeniy Tereshchenko
Head of laboratory: Dr. Roman Yurik
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