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Polar Geophysical Institute

PGI in Apatity
   Research Programs
  • Investigation of the actual problems of auroral optics and precision optical measurements in the high latitudes;
  • Investigation of modern problems of radiophysics and acoustics, including the fundamental foundations of radiophysical and acoustic communication methods, location and diagnostics, the study of nonlinear phenomena;
  • Investigation of modern problems of plasma physics, including the physics of astrophysical plasma (solar wind) and low-temperature (ionospheric) plasma;
  • Investigation of modern problems of nuclear physics, including astrophysical and cosmological aspects (physics of cosmic rays);
  • The study of outer space, planets, the Sun and solar-terrestrial connections.
Kola Arctic Geophysical Infrastructure Network of the Polar Geophysical Institute
Laboratory of Cosmic Rays (101)

Laboratory of Auroras (201)
Laboratory of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Physics (202)

Laboratory of Theoretical Modeling (203)

Laboratory of High-Latitude Geophysical Monitoring (301)

Laboratory of Radio Sounding of the Ionosphere (401)

Laboratory of Radiophysical Researches of the Lower Ionosphere (402)

Laboratory of Arctic atmosphere (501)

Laboratory of Computational Experiments (502)

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Radiotomography chain

Neutron monitors (Apatity and Barentsburg)

Gamma-rays near ground (Apatity)

Partly scattering radar (Tumanny range)

Optical observations in Apatity

Optical observations in Lovozero

Optical observations in Barentsburg

Geomagnetic variations

Geomagnetic pulsations

Weather in Apatity and Barentsburg

Weather in Murmansk


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The Federal State Budget Scientific Institute "Polar Geophysical Institute" (PGI) was founded on October 11, 1960 to study physical processes in the high latitude region. PGI is located in the cities of Murmansk and Apatity (Kola Peninsula). The main PGI observatories are located in Lovozero (Kola Peninsula) and Barentsburg (Spitsbergen Archipelago), where regular observations of auroras, cosmic rays and geomagnetic pulsations are conducted. The subject of scientific research PGI corresponds to the Basic directions of fundamental research of the Program of Fundamental Scientific Researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientific and applied activity of the PGI includes the development and transfer to users of technical innovations for high-latitude geo- and radio-physical observations, monitoring of geomagnetic variations over a wide frequency range, monitoring of cosmic rays, monitoring of the Arctic atmosphere and other tasks in high-latitude physics, that is due to the location of the Institute.

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December 29, 2020
New years greetings from V.N. Falkov, Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation.
December 25, 2020
V.V.Putin: 2021 year - Year of Science and Technology in Russia.
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Annual Apatity Seminar "Physics of Auroral Phenomena"

VERSIM-2018 Conference

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International Scientific Conference for Students and Postgraduates PROBLEMS OF THE ARCTIC REGION

School-Seminar Polar Processes in Atmospheres of Planets

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